Who Cares? LoveDefined Network?

We are a Network of People who Care. Below is our answer to the question above:

Our Vision Statement

Bringing Joy to Families around the World through the Word of God’s Love and Grace.

Our Mission Statement

Luke 4:18: The Spirit of the Lord is on us: he has commissioned us to teach God’s Love to all people; He has sent us to bring hope to broken families, freedom to the enslaved, food for the poor, and create opportunities for young people everywhere to fulfill their lives’ dreams.

Our Objectives

  • To reach over a million families with the Word of the Gospel of God’s Love each year.
  • To ensure that no family we come across lives in poverty afterwards through the provision of aids in cash, kind and human resource training.
  • To ensure boys and girls in every family we come across have access to good education through the provision of scholarships for those who cannot afford it.
  • To expose every form of abuse being faced by any one we meet, and bring freedom to same while bringing to justice those who perpetrate this atrocities.
  • To provide solace for families in war torn and terror prone zones in Africa and beyond.
  • To ensure the families we meet have access to good and affordable health care through the provision of medical services for the poor.
  • To help young people around the world achieve their dreams in life; we do this by promoting their talents, providing trainings, and creating opportunities for them to showcase their gifts.

We need your support. You can partner with us by donating to our cause. If you want to be a part of what we do, you can send us message here: Send Message.

God bless you.

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